About Us & Our Events

Starting with our inaugural Event at Eisenhower Park, Nassau County Art Craft & Gift Shows has been in business since 2008.
If you are a vendor who has never done business with us you will find us to be respectful, professional and considerate and our hands-on staff is always ready and willing to help out in just about every way.   
If you are a vendor that has done business with us in the past we encourage you to try us again.
We have made some improvements to our system that we believe all vendors will appreciate.
For example, for our outdoor events we no longer provide a 10' wide x 10' deep Vendor Space with a 3' aisle between Vendors.
Instead, we now provide a 13' wide x 10'-12' deep Vendor Space.
Now, any vendor that needs a bit more room than just their tent can easily expand their selling area or create their own aisle within their space.
Whenever possible, we try to allow vendors to park their vehicles right behind their space.
We specialize in presenting quality licensed vendors offering unique hand made and hard to find hand picked items at recognizable savings
We extensively advertise and promote all of our Events throughout the year.
In addition to our regional TV and Newspaper and Internet campaigns, we have a full time staff dedicated to listing all our Events in all print and social media as well as internet and trade publications.
We produce many events throughout the year, all in well known upscale convenient user friendly locations.
With reasonable weather all of our events enjoy excellent attendance.
All of our Events are promoted equally, from our smaller events which draw a few thousand people to our larger ones which draw tens of thousands.
A vast majority of our events are held rain or shine with no rain date because an overwhelming number of our vendors know first-hand that rain dates simply do not work.
We never cancel an event based on a weather forecast.
We have learned over the years without question that weather forecasts have a 50/50 chance of being accurate and we prefer the old fashioned method of simply being there and hoping for the best.
Many many times we have waited it out and reaped the benefits when the weather has cleared.
Our staff is on site every Event date ready to set up the show every scheduled date.
It is up to the vendors and shoppers to decide for themselves if they wish to come.
Again, our vendors have overwhelmingly shared that some of their best selling days are on off-weather days, adding that shoppers who come out in inclement weather are coming to spend money.
We will never call off a show before 10am.
In some instances we will issue a partial credit if a show has been cancelled.
Although traditional Artists and Craft Vendors regularly participate at all of our events, we
generally  do not produce traditional craft shows.
All of our Vendors, with the exception of Service Vendors, are licensed by the New York State Sales Tax Department and are your friends and neighbors seeking to supplement their incomes as weekend entrepreneurs.
Our Family of Vendors are committed to conducting themselves in a professional manner and we ask that all shoppers and browsers treat them in a similarly respectful manner.
Our Vendors are direct descendants of the entrepreneurial pioneers who built and expanded the frontiers of America in the 1800's through the original market days and state fairs.            
Our Events are a unique and attractive alternative to the cold and impersonal big box stores and mega malls.
Our Shows and Fairs are truly "AS LOCAL AS LOCAL SHOPPING GETS"!
Many of the dollars that we earn go back to the individual communities through direct payments to Chambers of Commerce, the Nassau County and New York City Departments of Parks & Recreation, and local not-for-profits and charities such as Kiwanis and Lions Clubs.